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A New Career to Discover

Embark on a journey through the ranks of Moto3, Moto2, and ultimately MotoGP with a completely redesigned career path, offering the most realistic and personalized experience yet. Your interactions with other riders are crucial; rivalries can significantly impact your races and overall career. Stay vigilant on the new in-game virtual social media platform, as it mirrors real-life dynamics. Additionally, pivotal moments known as Turning Points provide opportunities to advance quickly through the classes via dedicated challenges.

Thrills for Everyone

Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of two wheels, MotoGP23 ensures an enjoyable and motivating experience. The innovative Neural Aid System analyzes your performance in real-time, offering support with handling, brakes, and acceleration. Dive deep into the game with dedicated tutorials and build your skills or refine your technique at the prestigious MotoGP Academy, where you can master the tricks to becoming a champion

Everything Can Change

Embrace the challenge with the new Dynamic Weather feature, adding a layer of unpredictability to the game. A dry race can quickly turn into a wet mayhem, and the new Flag-to-Flag rule lets you swap bikes strategically, gaining an edge over your rivals. In this dynamic environment, timing is everything

Make It Your Own

Express your unique style not just in your riding, but also in your look. Unleash your creativity with our powerful graphic editors, offering endless customization possibilities. Share your creations from day one, thanks to the cross-play feature

Race Without Limits

Prove your skills by challenging players across all platforms and console generations with full cross-play support in MotoGP23. For local competition, the Split-Screen mode lets you determine who the real king of the couch is. Additionally, the new Ranked Races allow you to compete against players of similar skill levels, ensuring intense and challenging duels.

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