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The Playstation 5 version of Judgment is a thrilling action-packed game set in the vibrant Yakuza world of Kamurocho. Players will take on the role of former lawyer Takayuki Yagami as he teams up with the enigmatic Detective Kaito to solve a series of cryptic mysteries.

Judgment is the latest chapter in the critically acclaimed Yakuza video game series and takes the franchise to a new level of immersive gameplay and unique storylines. As the player, you will not only fight your way through the ruthless street gangs, but also use your smarts to investigate the cases behind the criminals. As you explore the world of Kamurocho, you will need to make careful choices, as the decisions you make will not only determine Yagami's fate and the fate of his allies, but also influence the political landscape of the Yakuza world.

The PlayStation 5 version of Judgment brings a new level of realism to the game. Stunning 4K visuals, lifelike characters, and an immersive soundscape all make Judgment the most immersive Yakuza game yet. Plus, the new DualSense PS5 controllers add a new level of immersion and interactivity. The revolutionary haptic feedback and adaptive triggers increase your responsiveness as you take on the street gangs, allowing you to make the most out of your martial arts moves. Meanwhile, the 3D audio and Sonic headphones give you an unprecedented audio experience as you become immersed in the world of Kamurocho.

Along with the stunning visuals and audio, the PlayStation 5 version of Judgment also includes a plethora of extra activities to keep players entertained. Players can take part in side missions such as taking on gangsters and playing various mini-games. A variety of extra costumes, items, and weapons are also available for purchase, allowing players to customize their outfits and gear to suit their own personal style. Plus, with the Game Plus feature, players can experience Judgment again from a different viewpoint, which shows just how deep and intricate the story truly is.

The PlayStation 5 version of Judgment is a must-have for fans of Yakuza and action-adventure games alike. With its immersive visuals, lifelike characters, and plethora of activities, players will be enthralled in this stunning world of crime and danger. So, get ready to take on the violent street gangs and reclaim order in the Yakuza world with the Playstation 5 version of Judgment.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Released Date:23-Apr-21
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS5


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PS5 Judgment?

A: PS5 Judgment is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by SIE Japan Studio and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios and published by Sega for the PlayStation 5.

2. When is PS5 Judgment being released?

A: PS5 Judgment is scheduled to launch on June 24, 2021 in the Americas and Europe.

3. What genre is PS5 Judgment?

A: PS5 Judgment is an action-adventure game with elements of detective fiction.

4. What kind of gameplay will PS5 Judgment have?

A: PS5 Judgment will feature an open world featuring realistic Tokyo settings, multiple locations to explore, an engaging plot, and a variety of mini-games and side missions to complete.

5. What is the main story of PS5 Judgment?

A: Players take on the role of private detective Takayuki Yagami, who sets out to investigate a strange murder in Yokohama.

6. Does PS5 Judgment have multiplayer capabilities?

A: No, PS5 Judgment is a single-player only game.

7. What platforms will PS5 Judgment be available on?

A: PS5 Judgment will be available on the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

8. Can you replay missions in PS5 Judgment?

A: Yes, PS5 Judgment will allow players to replay missions and gain special rewards.

9. What kind of characters can you find in PS5 Judgment?

A: PS5 Judgment features an engaging ensemble of characters, including Takayuki Yagami - the main protagonist, Kasane Kujiragi - Yagami's assistant, and Daisuke Sudo - the antagonist.

10. Will there be post-release content for PS5 Judgment?

A: Yes, Sega has announced that free content is planned for PS5 Judgment post-release.

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