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About the Game

WRC 9, the official GAME OF the world Rally championships

!the most complete rally game

3 brand new rallies - Kenya, Japan and new Zealand.

brand-new Club system where players will be able to create their own online championships and invite friends all over the world to compete in.


For those racing game nuts looking for a stout challenge, you can't go wrong with WRC 9 on the PS5. This stunningly detailed title allows gamers to put the pedal to the metal, as they practically taste the swift competitive spark of rally driving with every lurch, jump, and slide. As the only officially licensed video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, WRC 9 features more content than any of its predecessors - offering more hours of dizzying rally exhilaration.

Start your engines and hold on for the speediest and wildest ride of your life once you step into the shoes of your favorite rally driver. Feel the spontaneous power of the cars as you accelerate over the gravel, with visuals designed to accurately capture the stunning sights of the rally. Master the twists and turns of each track, and finesse your way into the record books by competing against some of the world's best virtual rally drivers.

The impressive selection of cars for you to choose from is one of the defining features of WRC 9. You can get behind the wheel of various licensed models, including Vauxhall, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Ford vehicles. Furthermore, each car is customizable, so you can tweak the suspension, gearbox, and wheel alignment for an optimum driving experience.

In WRC 9, you have the choice of solo or multiplayer racing. Whether you want to go it alone or battle for bragging rights with your friends, the game features an extensive list of modes that promise endless hours of fast-paced entertainment.

Prepare to be wowed by the realistic scenery and sound effects. Enjoy the detailed landscapes of stunning rally locations from around the world, such as New Zealand, Argentina, and Japan. On top of that, the cars produce a satisfyingly spot-on motor-rev sound complementing the earth-rumbling vibrations that will shiver down your spine as you take each measure turn.

One of the most exciting new features of WRC 9 is the career mode. Here you can build up your driver's career by progressing through the ultra-realistic activities and rallying challenges. Imagine skidding sideways around volcanic hills or flying over the mud swamps of Finland's Lakeland as your climb the ranks in your search of rally glory.

Set on a sky-high difficulty level, WRC 9 on the PS5 offers an intense yet terrifyingly realistic racing experience. With a superior variety of cars and time-travelling locations, this rev-happy game shines like a beacon among other rally games. So whether you're a wily veteran of the virtual rally circuit or a novice driver eager to write your name into the racing folklore, WRC 9 on the PS5 is the ultimate racing title of the new console generation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PS5 WRC 9'
Answer: PS5 WRC 9 is a racing game developed by Kylotonn for the PlayStation 5 console. It is based on the FIA World Rally Championship and features realistic vehicles, tracks, and weather conditions.

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