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PS4 Ashes Cricket

Ashes Cricket, an upcoming sports video game based on the Ashes series, is the only officially licensed cricket video game for PlayStation 4. Developed by Big Ant Studios, this game promises to be the most realistic and authentic cricket experience available. With its official license, the game includes all the official players, teams and stadia from the men's and women's Ashes cricket series.

As a sports simulation game, PS4 Ashes Cricket aims to replicate a realistic cricket experience with the use of the latest motion capture and facial scanning technology in order to accurately capture the players' performance. Players can customize their own teams, from picking players and their respective roles, to selecting tactics and strategies for each match. The game also includes a variety of game modes, such as Career, Tour and Scenario.

The Career mode allows users to customize and control their own team and players over various seasons of local and international games. Tour mode replicates the professional cricket system and allows users to compete in tournaments with an assigned team. Scenario mode puts players in different cricket situations, such as chasing a total batting total or batting for a particular score.

In PS4 Ashes Cricket, players can experience the real-life cricket experience from the player's perspective. Using the unique motion sensing technology, players can move their controller to mimic bowling and batting actions, and the game engine provides feedback on the power and accuracy of a shot. In addition, the use of real world audio from real cricket games brings a realistic atmosphere to the game.

Offering a multitude of game modes and with its official licensing for all the teams, players and stadia from the men's and women's Ashes Series, PS4 Ashes Cricket brings an unprecedented level of detail and realism to cricket gaming. With its latest technology, users can experience the most accurate cricket simulation possible. PlayStation 4 users can step into the shoes of a professional cricket player and get ready to take on the challenge of the world-class cricket teams in the highly anticipated Ashes Championship.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Big Ant Studios
Released Date:16-Nov-17
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is PS4 Ashes Cricket?

A1: PS4 Ashes Cricket is a cricket video game featuring official licensed players from Australia and England teams, released for PlayStation 4.

Q2: Who are the developers of PS4 Ashes Cricket?

A2: Big Ant Studios, an Australian game development company, are the developers of PS4 Ashes Cricket.

Q3: Does PS4 Ashes Cricket feature online multiplayer?

A3: Yes, PS4 Ashes Cricket features both local and online multiplayer capabilities.

Q4: Which stadiums are featured in PS4 Ashes Cricket?

A4: The stadiums featured in PS4 Ashes Cricket are the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Old Trafford, Eden Gardens and the Gabba.

Q5: What platforms is PS4 Ashes Cricket available on?

A5: PS4 Ashes Cricket is currently only available on the PlayStation 4 console.

Q6: Does PS4 Ashes Cricket have any Superstars players?

A6: Yes, PS4 Ashes Cricket has a roster of past and present superstars from the England and Australia National teams.

Q7: What are the modes available in PS4 Ashes Cricket?

A7: The modes available in PS4 Ashes Cricket include an online league, Career Mode, Online Versus, one-off matches and training games.

Q8: Can I create my own teams in PS4 Ashes Cricket?

A8: Yes, PS4 Ashes Cricket features a team editor where players can create their own teams and customise their players.

Q9: Is PS4 Ashes Cricket compatible with the PS4 Pro?

A9: Yes, PS4 Ashes Cricket is fully compatible with the PS4 Pro and can be played in 4K resolution.

Q10: Does PS4 Ashes Cricket have any additional DLC content?

A10: Yes, PS4 Ashes Cricket has a range of downloadable content, including new stadiums, teams, equipment and more.

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