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Madden NFL 17 by Electronic Arts is an annually anticipated, comprehensive football gaming experience, designed to provide ultimate football fever to hardcore and casual gamers alike. It is the most authentic NFL simulation in gaming history, delivering the perfect blend of realism and excitement that only a Madden game can provide. With its detailed visuals, reinvented defensive AI and unprecedented control options, Madden NFL 17 puts you closer to the game than ever before.

Madden NFL 17 delivers the ultimate NFL experience for serious competitive gamers and armchair game enthusiasts. It captures the energy, detail and emotion of the NFL from the deciding kick of the Super Bowl to the smallest details of every individual play. Featuring all the 32 teams, stadiums and realistic players, Madden 17 brings the excitement and realism of NFL Football to life. From more responsive control mechanisms to improved AI systems, this game puts you right in the middle of the pitch with more control over every decision and move than ever before.

The realistic presentation of the game is powered by a completely revamped engine that renders high-detail visuals, enhanced lighting and improved ball physics. Fans can play through the entire season from pre-season to the Super Bowl, face rivals in MUT Squads and head-to-head matchups, customize their Ultimate Team strategy, or join an NFL or Fantasy league to customize an online team with friends. The Franchise mode in Madden NFL 17 lets you control a team from pre-season to the Super Bowl, build a team to fit your strategy and even manage and devleop players over several years.

Evolutionary defensive AI features enhanced gap assignments, line shift audibles and run fits can confuse opponents, forcing more mistakes while setting up more effective plays. The improved passing system also adds a layer of strategy making it easier to draw the defense away from a target and create open space for a better passing play. The Connected Franchise mode allows you to build a legacy as one of 32 different team owners and take control of all aspects of day-to-day operations, or bring in an assistant or family member to help while you focus on other teams, giving you the flexibility to fit your team needs into your own schedule.

Lastly, Madden NFL 17 also offers an even more immersive solo challenge thanks to its new and improved commentary, featuring Cris Collinsworth, Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis. With their realistic verbal presentation of each play, high-level of detail and totally re-invented AI, you are certain to be riveted to the pitch. With Madden NFL 17's impressive visuals, realistic gameplay and improved AI, you'll soon find yourself lost in the deep and rewarding football experience provided by the game. From detailed visuals to historically accurate representation of your favorite teams, this game could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:EA Sports
Released Date:23-Aug-16
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: PlayStation 4 Madden NFL 17 is a sports video game released in 2016 developed by EA Tiburon which brings fans closer to the NFL than ever before with features like Franchise and Longshot.

2. How do I play PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: To play PS4 Madden NFL 17, you need to have a PlayStation 4 console and the game disk or digital download assignment. Once you have both, you can put in the game disk or launch the game from the PlayStation's main menu and follow the in-game instructions.

3.What is the objective of PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: The objective of PS4 Madden NFL 17 is to lead your team to victory by taking control of all aspects of your franchise, such as managing rosters, dictating playbooks, and even calling the plays on the field.

4.What game modes are available in PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: PS4 Madden NFL 17 features game modes such as Exhibition, Franchise, Ultimate Team, and Longshot. Additionally, you can play online against other players or participate in the official Madden Championship Series.

5. What new features are included in PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: PS4 Madden NFL 17 includes several new features such as a more immersive Franchise mode, upgradable teams, faster loading times, upgraded offensive line play and improved ball carrier moves.

6. How can I upgrade my team in PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: You will need to use in-game currency to upgrade your team. You can earn in-game currency by completing Challenges and Objectives, or by purchasing it with real currency.

7. What improvements have been made to the offensive line play in PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: The offensive line play in PS4 Madden NFL 17 has been improved with better blocking intelligence, more realistic double teams and improved pass rush paths. Additionally, you can now use offensive line post snap adjustments to better anticipate the defense.

8. Can I play PS4 Madden NFL 17 with a friend?

Answer: Yes, you can play PS4 Madden NFL 17 with a friend. To do so, you will need two consoles connected to the same internet connection and two copies of the game. Once done, you will be able to play a game online against each other.

9. Is there an issue with connecting to Madden NFL 17 servers?

Answer: It may be possible that the PS4 Madden NFL 17 servers are experiencing issues that are preventing players from connecting to the game. If this is the case, ensure that your system is connected to the internet and try again after a short period of time.

10. How can I get better performance from my console while playing PS4 Madden NFL 17?

Answer: To get better performance from your console while playing PS4 Madden

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