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Dead By Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive and available on PlayStation 4 consoles. It is a 4-versus-1 horror game where four survivors attempt to escape a killer, controlled by one player, in an abandoned ghost town. The survivors must work together to repair five generators and avoid the killer at all costs. With procedurally generated levels, unpredictably spawning items and dynamic objectives, players are plunged into an intense challenge where cooperation and strategy are just as important as combat.

Dead By Daylight is a true test of endurance and courage for both the survivors and the killer. As the survivors players must work together to repair the five generators before escaping the level. Survivors will need to think on their feet, watch out for the enemy and draw on their wits to outsmart their assailant while looking for tools and items that can help them repair the generators. The maps are brought to life with dynamic lighting and an atmosphere of suspense and fear.

The killer is the one trying to hunt down the survivors and the game puts them in the role of the aggressor. The killer must stalk the survivors, using powerful weapons to keep them on the run and eventually sacrifice them at one of three seals. The killer has unique abilities such as being able to see survivors through walls and creating traps and decoys to distract and confuse them. They must also keep an eye on the survivors' progress on the generators, as these are the only way for the survivors to escape.

Players of Dead by Daylight can customize their gaming experience with various levels of difficulty and various customization options for both survivors and killers. With a variety of customization options for characters, such as custom perks and costumes, as well as dynamic objectives, Dead by Daylight offers plenty of replayability. Additionally, players can enjoy an active online community where they can share tips, create teams, and discuss strategies with other players.

If you're looking for a thrilling, unique survival horror experience, Dead by Daylight on the PlayStation 4 is the game for you. This intense 4-versus-1 survival horror game will push your bravery to its limits as you fight for your life against an unpredictable killer. With procedurally generated levels and dynamic objectives, you must use wits, skill, and courage as you make your escape. Face your fears and embrace the intensity of Dead by Daylight.

Players Available

2 Players


English(American), English(UK)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 ' How much does the PS4 Dead By Daylight game cost?

Answer ' The retail price of Dead By Daylight on PS4 is $19.99.

2 ' Is there an online mode for PS4 Dead By Daylight?

Answer ' Yes, PS4 Dead By Daylight offers online and local multiplayer modes.

3 ' What is the minimum age to play PS4 Dead By Daylight?

Answer ' The game is rated M for Mature and so the minimum age is 17.

4 ' What is the maximum number of players that can play PS4 Dead By Daylight?

Answer ' PS4 Dead By Daylight supports four players with one survivor and one killer.

5 ' Is there a way to check my stats in PS4 Dead By Daylight?

Answer ' Yes, when playing in online or local multiplayer mode you can check your stats by opening the in-game menu.

6 ' Are there any special editions of Dead By Daylight for PS4?

Answer ' Yes, there is a special edition of the PS4 game which includes various bonus content.

7 ' Does PS4 Dead By Daylight have controller support?

Answer ' Yes, it is fully compatible with PlayStation Dualshock 4 controllers.

8 ' What file size does PS4 Dead By Daylight take up on the console?

Answer ' The game requires 19 GB of free space on the PlayStation 4 hard drive.

9 ' Does PS4 Dead By Daylight support voice chat?

Answer ' Yes, you can use the in-game voice chat feature to communicate with other players.

10 ' Is there any way to get better performance with PS4 Dead By Daylight?

Answer ' Yes, to optimise your PS4 Dead By Daylight game experience you can turn off motion blur and anti-aliasing as well as reduce the texture quality.

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