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S, and PC.

3. How much will PS5 Atomic Heart cost'
The exact pricing has yet to be determined.

4. Will PS5 Atomic Heart have Single Player or Multiplayer modes'
Atomic Heart will be a single-player experience.

5. What type of game is PS5 Atomic Heart'
Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter with RPG elements.

6. Is the PS5 version of Atomic Heart optimised for the PS5'
Yes, the PS5 version of Atomic Heart has been developed to take advantage of the console's unique features.

7. Is there a demo for PS5 Atomic Heart'
No, there is currently no demo version of Atomic Heart available.

8. Is there any exclusive content for PS5 Atomic Heart'
No, there is no exclusive content for the PS5 version of Atomic Heart.

9. Does PS5 Atomic Heart support cross-play'
No, cross-play is not supported for PS5 Atomic Heart.

10. What is the official release date for PS5 Atomic Heart'
The official release date for Atomic Heart has yet to be announced.

Additional details

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is PS5 Atomic Heart available now?

No, Atomic Heart is still being developed and is not available yet.

2. What platforms will PS5 Atomic Heart be available on?

Atomic Heart is being developed for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X

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