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PS4 Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game is set in the fictional county of Hope County, Montana, where the player plays the role of a new junior deputy sheriff, tasked with apprehending the leader of a radical doomsday cult called Eden's Gate. Along with a task force of U.S. Marshals and local law enforcement, the player must investigate the cult's activities and eliminate their stronghold.

The game is an open world action-adventure game in which the player explores Hope County from a third-person perspective. The player can explore the vast open world of Hope County either on foot, by car, or by boat. The game also features an arsenal of customizable weapons and tools for the player to use against enemies, such as the crossbow, bow and arrows, firearms, and explosives.

In PS4 Far Cry 5, the player must complete a series of main story missions which will progress the story, as well as numerous side missions which can be completed in order to gain rewards and unlock special weapons and abilities for the player character. During the story missions, the player will be aided by other allies, such as U.S. Marshals and local residents who are willing to help take down the cult.

In addition to the main storyline, the game also features a variety of activities including climbing to reach high vantage points, fishing for sport, hunting local wildlife for resources, and participating in randomized events scattered across the landscape. These activities can all be used to help the player progress through the game, as most will provide the player with items, weapons, and tools.

The game also features a dynamic Challenge system, which will provide the player with additional objectives to complete in order to gain access to rare weapons, upgrades, and bonuses. Players will also have access to Far Cry Arcade, which allows players to customize their own maps and game modes, which can then be shared with friends or played in public lobbies.

The game's visuals and audio have been praised for their attention to detail, immersing the player in Hope County's world. The game's character models have been praised for their realistic design, and the massive scale of the open world bring a sense of life and exploration to the environment.

PS4 Far Cry 5 offers players an intense, exciting action-adventure experience set in a vibrant and vibrant open world that encourages exploration, player-choice, and unique ways of play. From its dynamic challenge system to its vast open world and engaging story, there's no shortage of content that players can experience and enjoy in the game.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Ubisoft
Released Date:27-Mar-18
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the release date of Far Cry 5 on PS4?

Answer: Far Cry 5 was released on March 27, 2018.

2. What genre is Far Cry 5?

Answer: Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game.

3. Does Far Cry 5 have an online mode?

Answer: Yes, Far Cry 5 has an online mode called Far Cry 5 Arcade.

4. Can I play Far Cry 5 offline?

Answer: Yes, you can play the game offline. The online mode is optional.

5. Does Far Cry 5 support HDR on PS4?

Answer: Yes, Far Cry 5 supports HDR on PS4.

6. Is Far Cry 5 available in 4K resolution?

Answer: Yes, Far Cry 5 is available in 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro console.

7. What is the minimum required storage space to install Far Cry 5?

Answer: The minimum required storage space to install Far Cry 5 is 40 GB.

8. Is there a season pass available for Far Cry 5 on PS4?

Answer: Yes, Far Cry 5 has a season pass available on the PS4.

9. Are there any cheat codes available for Far Cry 5?

Answer: No, there are no cheat codes available for Far Cry 5.

10. How many players can play Far Cry 5 online together?

Answer: Up to 4 players can play Far Cry 5 online together.

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