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PS4 FIFA 15: The Ultimate Football Gaming Experience

If you're looking for the ultimate football experience, look no further than PS4 FIFA 15. This ultra realistic soccer game allows you to take your favorite team into the world's greatest leagues and competitions, with realistic graphics, sound effects and realistic ball physics creating an immersive gaming experience. Playstation 4 FIFA 15 aims to bring the emotion of playing football to your fingertips, allowing you to feel it for real.

This game features a wide array of game modes, from the classic career mode that allows players to take their team through an entire season, to the new FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which allows players to build their dream team of superstars and compete in more realistic, online tournaments. This game is also optimized for the Playstation 4, allowing it to look and run more smoothly than ever before on the console. With groundbreaking visual fidelity and fast-paced gameplay, PS4 FIFA 15 provides an intense star-studded football experience unlike anything else.

Aside from the stunning visual effects and realistic atmosphere, this game also provides more personalized control than ever before, allowing players to be in complete command of their team as they take on the opposition. With precision dribbling, the ability to control the tempo of the match, and the ability to call a host of player commands, gamers can master strategy just as if they were a coach on the sidelines. Players can also take advantage of the sheer number of options available in options such as passing, shooting and defending to customize their team's game plan and challenge even the toughest adversaries.

Furthermore, PS4 FIFA 15 packs a realistic presentation complete with exclusive cinematic scenes, realistic broadcast overlays and commentary, and an experience that rivals that of playing a match on television. EA Sports integrated real-life environments, accurate colors and all the fans, mascots and atmosphere of a stadium. Whether you're on the pitch or on the sidelines, this game truly looks and sounds like the real thing.

Finally, this game offers a massive online component where players can challenge gamers worldwide to show their true mettle. With many of modes and tournaments, players can organize their own teams and compete among their friends and rivals. Whilst playing online, gamers will also gain access to exclusive in-game content and the ability to create and share video highlights from their greatest victories.

All in all, PS4 FIFA 15 provides the definitive football experience, allowing the player to feel like they're right there on the pitch. With amazing visuals, realistic gameplay and branded content, as well as a wide array of game modes and an online component, this game creates an immersive experience that makes the sport of football come alive like never before.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:EA Sports
Released Date:23-Sep-14
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. What console is FIFA 15 compatible with?

A. FIFA 15 is compatible with Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

2Q. Is FIFA 15 available on physical or digital format?

A. FIFA 15 is available in both physical and digital formats.

3Q. What are some features in FIFA 15 on the PS4?

A. Some of the features available on the PS4 include new FIFA Ultimate Team tournaments, newest Legendary players like Pele, dramatic high resolution visuals, emotional intelligence, and seamless integration of living world of football.

4Q. Is FIFA 15 on the PS4 better than its predecessor?

A. FIFA 15 on the PS4 offers more features and a better gaming experience than its predecessor. It also has better graphics, improved ball intelligence and improved physics.

5Q. What are the system requirements for the PS4 version of FIFA 15?

A. The system requirements for the PS4 version of FIFA 15 are: CPU: Intel Core i3-550 @ 3.2GHz, RAM: 4GB, Hard Drive: 15GB of free space, Video Card: Radeon HD 7850, or Nvidia GTX 460.

6Q. How much does FIFA 15 cost on the PS4?

A. FIFA 15 costs $59.99 on the PS4.

7Q. Does FIFA 15 on the PS4 support online multiplayer?

A. Yes, FIFA 15 on the PS4 supports online multiplayer for up to 11 players.

8Q. Are there special bonuses for pre-ordering FIFA 15 on the PS4?

A. Yes, those who pre-order FIFA 15 on the PS4 will receive a range of exclusive content such as Ultimate Team Gold Packs, kit and more.

9Q. Can I use a controller or a keyboard on the PS4 version of FIFA 15?

A. Yes, you can use either a controller or a keyboard on the PS4 version of FIFA 15.

10Q. Has FIFA 15 on the PS4 been optimized for the console?

A. yes, FIFA 15 on the PS4 has been optimized for the console to provide a more realistic gaming experience. This includes improved graphics, audio and AI, and enhanced ball control and collision.

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