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S, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Mac OS.

4. Are there downloadable content packs available for Dead Space'
Answer: Yes. Dead Space features a variety of downloadable content packs, including costumes, weapon upgrades, and additional levels.

5. How many weapons are there in the game'
Answer: There are several weapons in Dead Space. These include the Line Gun, the Contact Beam, the Plasma Cutter, and the Force Gun. Isaac can also use his own two feet to stomp on enemies.

6. Is there an online cooperative mode for Dead Space'
Answer: Yes. Dead Space offers an online cooperative multiplayer mode in which up to four players can battle the Necromorphs together.

7. Does the game feature virtual reality support'
Answer: Yes. Dead Space for PS5 supports PlayStation VR, allowing you to enter a fully immersive virtual reality experience.

8. Does Dead Space have any trophies to collect'
Answer: Yes. Dead Space has 38 trophies, ranging from 'Platinum' to 'Bronze.'

9. Are there any horror elements in the game'
Answer: Yes. The game features a variety of horror elements, such as jump scares, suspenseful environments, and intense combat sequences.

10. What are the minimum system requirements for Dead Space on the PS5'
Answer: The minimum system requirements for Dead Space on the PS5 are a CPU 8 cores of processing power, 12GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or an AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card.

Players Available

2 Players


English(American), English(UK)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the plot of the PS5 game Dead Space'
Answer: The action of Dead Space takes place on a remote mining space vessel known as The USG Ishimura. Players assume the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, who battles an alien scourge called the Necromorphs. The object is to survive and uncover the secrets of the Ishimura while battling the Necromorphs.

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