Be the law or Break the law in Battlefield? Hardline

This action-packed blockbuster combines intense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern television crime drama

In a visceral single-player campaign you?ll play the role of Nick Mendoza, a young detective who embarks on a cross-country vendetta, seeking revenge against once trusted partners on the force

In multiplayer you?ll hunt criminals, raid vaults, and save hostages in new cop and criminal inspired modes like Heist and Rescue

Brand NameSony
Published ByElectronic Arts
Released Date17-Mar-15
PSN requiredOptional
ConditionPre Owned
PEGI RatingAges 18 and over
Internet RequiredNo
Country of OriginProduct sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one

Game Type

Campaign + Multiplayer

Playable on


Game Play Hours

Main Story- 7.5 hours, Main + Extra - 10.5 hours


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