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The NBA 2K franchise has long been the standard-bearer for churning out the most comprehensive and hallmark basketball simulations, and NBA 2K18 looks to break that mold. Engineered with the latest and greatest advancements in gaming technology, NBA 2K18 provides an authentic, must-have basketball experience.

For gamers, the latest iteration of NBA 2K18 has some key updates. This year, the groundbreaking NBA 2K series has revolutionized the gaming experience with a new level of authenticity. Taking realism to a whole new level, the latest installment of the NBA 2K franchise brings unparalleled verisimilitude, authenticity, and fluid gameplay to gamers and basketball fanatics alike.

The updated graphics engine of NBA 2K18 enhances all aspects of the visuals for both players and coaches. Every detail of the action has been recreated clearly in high definition, providing realistic, cinematic quality visuals that stay true to the essence of the real-life sport. Dynamic players look and move like they would on an NBA court, and dynamic crowd reactions bring the virtual stands alive in full HD.

In addition to the incredible graphics, a few key control upgrades have been made to make the playing experience even more natural. The all-new 'Pro Stick' feature allows the player to make pinpoint passes, perform amazing dribble moves and perform effective shot releases with ease and precision. Offensive and defensive AI have also been improved to provide a more realistic opponent for you to battle against. Both factors bring the game experience to a whole new level.

MyCareer mode has been reimagined, offering a branching story-driven experience that begins in high school, and continues all the way to the top of the NBA ladder. Accompanying this is an expansive RPG-style progression system, giving players the opportunity to customize their player to their exact desires. An array of cosmetic items, haircuts, clothes and tattoos, as well as physical attributes allows for fine-tuned personalization more expansive than ever before.

As with previous years, NBA 2K18 allows gamers to take on the role of their favorite NBA teams through the 'MyTeam mode.' This mode offers a massive range of team customization options, from custom rosters to trading player cards and creating your own dream team. This is a great way to play with selected friends for hours on end.

With its beautiful and refined graphics, overhauled game modes with unprecedented customization, and enhanced controls that bring the NBA experience straight to the living room, NBA 2K18 is a must-have for gamers and basketball fans. Featuring an array of game modes and options, NBA 2K18 provides an immersive, detailed basketball experience. Get ready to hit the court and take your basketball game to the next level.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:2K
Released Date:19-Sep-17
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the system requirements for PS4 NBA2K18?

A1. The recommended system requirements for PS4 NBA2K18 are a PlayStation 4 system with an internet connection of 5 Mbps or higher and at least 50GB of free hard drive space.

Q2. Is there an online mode in PS4 NBA2K18?

A2. Yes, PS4 NBA2K18 includes an online mode. You can play with or against other players in exciting 5v5 matches.

Q3. Does PS4 NBA2K18 provide special game modes?

A3. Yes, PS4 NBA2K18 offers various game modes such as Pro-AM, Playground, Association, and MyLeague.

Q4. What type of control options are available for PS4 NBA2K18?

A4. PS4 NBA2K18 allows you to control the game using the PlayStation 4 controller or the DualShock4 wireless controller for greater accuracy.

Q5. Are there any modifications I can make to my characters in PS4 NBA2K18?

A5. Yes, you can use MyPLAYER to customize your characters and enhance their attributes.

Q6. Is there any way to play with friends in PS4 NBA2K18?

A6. Yes, you can use the Park Offline mode to play with your friends. You can also join online leagues and play against other players around the world.

Q7. Does PS4 NBA2K18 provide a split-screen mode?

A7. Yes, split-screen is available so that you can play with your friends even if you are in the same room.

Q8. Is there a tutorial I can use to learn how to play PS4 NBA2K18?

A8. Yes, the tutorial mode provides visual and voice instructions so you can learn the basics of the game quickly.

Q9. Does PS4 NBA2K18 have 3D graphics?

A9. Yes, PS4 NBA2K18 includes 3D graphics for a realistic gaming experience.

Q10. Is PS4 NBA2K18 optimized for any specific controller?

A10. Yes, PS4 NBA2K18 has been optimized for the DualShock4 wireless controller.

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