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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) 'The Quarry' from Sony is the next-generation console featuring powerful hardware, thousands of games, and revolutionary new interactive elements that push the console's boundaries further than ever before. Powered by a cutting edge AMD Ryzen' processor with up to 16 cores and 32 threads, the PS5 delivers lightning-fast loading, graphic fidelity, and smoothly blended frame rate performance for gaming and multimedia experiences. With support for 8K gaming, ray tracing, and improved aspects such as load times, the PS5 offers more immersive gaming experiences than ever before.

This state of the art console allows gamers to stay at the forefront of gaming innovation with dedicated hardware for ray tracing, greater bandwidth for faster game loading and data transfers, and advanced graphical features that provide heightened visuals. The PS5 also includes an SSD storage drive, which makes loading, streaming, and playing games faster than ever before. Completely loaded with over a thousand games from the Sony library, the PS5 is an excellent choice for gamers of all levels and demographics. Additionally, the console is also backward compatible, delivering even more options for gamers to experience their favourites from the past, with improved feedback from the DualSense' controller.

The DualSense' controller with its all-new haptic feedback system combines traditional vibrations with realistic resistance when interacting with certain games, allowing gamers to feel various levels of tension in their triggers and an increased sense of immersion. This is combined with adaptive triggers that provide tension or resistance based on the actions of the game. With a built-in microphone for chatting, textured grip, and an extended battery life, the DualSense' controller is the pinnacle of gaming control from the PS5.

The Quarry includes access to the PlayStation Network with added benefits such as exclusive discounts and access to the innovative PlayStation Plus service. PlayStation Plus members gain access to online multiplayer gaming, as well as free games each month, exclusive discounts, and an ever-growing library of classic and modern titles. Members also gain refunds for unused services and get access to exclusive content such as downloadable skins, levels, and parental control functions.

The PlayStation 5 from 'The Quarry' is the answer to gamers' dreams with its cutting edge technological controls, thousands of games, and revolutionary interactive elements that wring the most out of every gaming experience. Cutting edge AMD Ryzen' processors provide the kind of lightning-fast loading, graphic accuracy, and frame rate blending that gamers crave, while the advanced DualSense' controllers provide an all-new tactile feedback system that gives gamers a heightened sense of control over their experiences. A generous library of titles, access to the PlayStation Network, and exclusive discounts also add to the growing allure offered from the PS5. Ultimately, the Quarry is the destination to experience the best of what Sony has to offer.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:2K
Released Date:10-Jun-22
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Playable on:PS5


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is PS5 The Quarry?

A1. PS5 The Quarry is an online game available on the PlayStation 5 console. It is a 3D mining game with an online multiplayer focus. Players explore and mine minerals from a quarry, upgrade their equipment, battle with other players and earn rewards.

Q2. What are the key features of PS5 The Quarry?

A2. PS5 The Quarry features rich 3D graphics, online leaderboards and intense competitive game play. Players can upgrade their mining equipment, explore a variety of landscapes, mine for minerals and battle against other players. The game also includes a range of customization options.

Q3. Is PS5 The Quarry free to play?

A3. Yes. PS5 The Quarry is free to play.

Q4. Does PS5 The Quarry require PlayStation Plus membership?

A4. No. PS5 The Quarry does not require a PlayStation Plus membership.

Q5. What is the minimum age rating for PS5 The Quarry?

A5. The minimum age rating for PS5 The Quarry is 12.

Q6. How many players can play PS5 The Quarry?

A6. PS5 The Quarry supports up to 16 players online.

Q7.Does PS5 The Quarry have voice chat?

A7. Yes. PS5 The Quarry includes an in-game voice chat so players can communicate and strategize.

Q8. What platform can I play PS5 The Quarry on?

A8. PS5 The Quarry is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console.

Q9. Does PS5 The Quarry have cross-platform support?

A9. No. PS5 The Quarry does not currently have support for cross-platform play.

Q10. Is there an offline mode in PS5 The Quarry?

A10. No. PS5 The Quarry is an online-only game and does not have an offline mode.

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