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About The Game

The long-awaited PS4 Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is finally here, and it's a greatly appreciated return to the beloved series. Trine 4 is the latest installment of the much-loved puzzle franchise, and reintroduces its classic three-heroes, Pontius the Knight, Amadeus the Wizard and Zoya the Thief, on a grand and mesmerizing journey.

As usual, Trine four relies on the classic puzzle elements of the series with enchanting physics-based puzzles, demanding the players to use a balance of skill and logic to explore the magically crafted levels and overcome, all the deadly obstacles to complete all levels of the game. With a revitalized world design, awesome new characters and lots of new levels this game takes the classic Trine formula to a new level, and gives players an amazing new experience

Furthermore, what makes this title a must-have for all the fans of puzzle games, is its beautiful art style, which combines traditional 2D elements and breathtaking 3D visuals. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and visually stunning puzzle games ever created.

Moreover, the gameplay has also been improved, as puzzles and levels are now more complex and even more challenging than ever before.

Players are still going to have to use the heroes' special abilities to solve puzzles. Pontius the Knight uses his Shield Charge and Rampage, Amadeus the Wizard controls wooden objects, levitating stones, and shooting fireballs and Zoya the Thief can shoot arrows and swing from the grapple hook through levels.

Puzzles are now intertwined with more action elements, making the puzzles more enjoyable as they have more elements like dodging projectile and running from enemies. Also, this game is a multiplayer game with up to four players to join and solve puzzles together.

All in all, the Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is probably one of the best puzzle titles available for the PS4 so far, and is a must for the fans of the puzzle genre. With beautiful levels, immersive gameplay and awesome characters, this game never disappoints. With its amazing visuals and challenging puzzles it is considered one of the top puzzle games available for the PS4 and will certainly have fans coming back for more.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Modus Games
Released Date:08-Oct-19
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 12 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the release date for PS4 Trine 4?

A1. Trine 4 for PlayStation 4 was released on October 8th, 2019.

Q2. Is PS4 Trine 4 available for purchase digitally?

A2. Yes, you can purchase Trine 4 from the PlayStation Store.

Q3. Does PS4 Trine 4 have multiplayer?

A3. Yes, Trine 4 supports up to 4 players in local and online co-op mode.

Q4. Is PS4 Trine 4 compatible with other versions?

A4. Yes, you can play with other versions across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Q5. Can you play Trine 4 on the PlayStation 5 console?

A5. No, the game is not available on the PS5

Q6. What is the shortest time it takes to complete the game?

A6. It takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete Trine 4, depending on the difficulty level.

Q7. How many levels are there in PS4 Trine 4?

A7. There are 55 levels to explore in Trine 4.

Q8. What type of game is PS4 Trine 4?

A8. Trine 4 is a side-scrolling, physics-based, puzzle-platform video game.

Q9. Does PS4 Trine 4 have any downloadable content?

A9. Yes, there are several downloadable content packs available for Trine 4.

Q10. Is it possible to customize the difficulty level for PS4 Trine 4?

A10. Yes, you can customize the difficulty level, including changing the enemy strength, length of puzzles, and more.

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