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About The Game

The PlayStation 5 Nioh Collection is a powerful bundle of intense rpg action experience that redefines what a game of its genre should be. It includes two award-winning games, Nioh and Nioh 2, that offer intense samurai action-RPG combat designed to challenge the most hardened gamers around the world.

Experience the gripping narrative of ancient Japan as you emerge victorious from the heart-pounding battles and chaotic encounters. Test your mettle against hordes of yokai and unrelenting bosses, or between friends in competitive multiplayer. For the first time ever, both Nioh games come together in a powerful bundle; enjoy over hundreds of hours of epic samurai action, combined with exclusive bonus content and next-gen enhancements that will make the experience entirely new for PS5 players.

Incorporating the best elements from classic samurai-bo action games and adding its particular spin on the genre, Nioh and its sequel will challenge you to the brink of defeat with its merciless enemy waves and enemy hordes. Experience extreme speed and smooth control as you face devilish human adversaries, spirit foes and other monsters of myth and legend. From breathtaking sceneries to thrilling boss battles and unique narrative elements, these games will push your boundaries and reward your bravery as a hardened samurai.

The core of the Nioh series is its extensive Well of Despair, a unique RPG system capable of ongoing development and improvements. Dive deep within this intricate system to improve your skills and strength, build up your stock of wisdom to gain more insight into the samurai's way of life, and prepare your mind and technique for battling any challenges you may face.

The PS5 Nioh Collection brings also exclusive content for the new PS5 players. Enjoy faster load times, richer graphics, and improved resolution thanks to the magical power of the PS5. Take advantage of the game's advanced audio system, enhanced replay mode and expanded photo mode to make your way through the challenging battlefields with even more precision and finesse.

This new collection of both Nioh games has been improved and refined to take advantage of the impressive technological capabilities of the PS5. Get ready to venture deeply into ancient Japan's most eerie and thrilling environments, and clash your sword in an enthralling combat experience. Get the PlayStation 5 Nioh Collection now and take your samurai spirit to the extreme.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Playable on:PS5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the PS5 Nioh Collection'
A1: The PS5 Nioh Collection is a remastered collection of the Nioh series developed by Team Ninja, featuring Nioh and Nioh 2 enhanced to take advantage of the hardware in the PlayStation 5.

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