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About The Game

PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is the ultimate edition of the third installment of the acclaimed series, offering intense firefights with an insane amount of mission variety and customization. In the world of Sniper Elite 3, the time period is World War II, the weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, and the battlefields span the vast North African landscape.

This ultimate edition of Sniper Elite 3 offers a collection of all released Sniper Elite 3 content plus all previously released downloadable content for comprehensive play. It includes the main Sniper Elite 3 game, three thrilling campaign missions, four unique weapons, three additional maps, Nazi Zombie Army mission and much more. With hours of bonus content, this ultimate edition is perfect for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

It features a beautiful, realistic North African setting that will draw you right into the action and let you experience a powerful story of a lone sniper on a quest to disrupt the Nazi war effort. For the first time in the Sniper Elite series, you can explore expansive environments, tackle missions with up to three friends in cooperative play, and choose from a huge arsenal of weapons with endless customization options for the perfect stealth loadout.

In this ultimate edition, you can also engage in intense online gamplay through competitive and co-op modes, with up to 12 players. With the new Target Finder feature, you can spot specific targets such as officers or snipers from long distances. Take your skill to the next level with tactile, emotionally-charged shooting mechanics that put you at the centre of every firefight.

Try out two thrilling zombie missions in the Zombie Army mode, where Hitler's darkest secrets have been unleashed in an alternate World War II, and battle against relentless waves of the undead. Customize your PC with modified weapon attachments and Sniper Elite's signature 'X-Ray Kill Cam' to truly hone your skills.

For the ultimate Sniper Elite 3 experience, the Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is the perfect package for you. Get ready to explore immense levels, sharpen your late game skills, and experience the stunning African landscape through the lens of a modern sniper rifle. With hours of bonus content and an exciting range of new and innovative features, the Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is the ultimate way to experience one of the most critically acclaimed shooters of the generation.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Rebellion Developments
Released Date:16-Oct-15
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 16 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition?

A1: The PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is a next-generation console release version of the best-selling, tactical World War II shooter, Sniper Elite 3. It includes the base game, plus all DLC and expansions released thus far.

Q2: What are the features of the Ultimate Edition?

A2: The Ps4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition includes all of the expanded content and features of the original game, including all 4 additional single-player missions, 8 additional weapons, and over 20 extra characters for the multiplayer mode.

Q3: What consoles does the Ultimate Edition run on?

A3:The PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is exclusive to PlayStation 4, and requires a PlayStation Plus membership for online play.

Q4: Is there a co-op mode in PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition?

A4: Yes, there is a cooperative two-player survival mode available in the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition.

Q5: Does the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition come with access to the soundtrack?

A5: Yes, the Ultimate Edition includes a digital download of the game's soundtrack.

Q6: What other additional content is included in the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition?

A6: In addition to the base game and all previously released DLC, the Ultimate Edition also includes The Hunt Begins starter pack, featuring a new X-ray kill-cam, extra handgun, and camouflage skin.

Q7: How do I get access to the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition?

A7: You can purchase the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition physically from retailers, or digitally from the PlayStation Store.

Q8: Are there any microtransactions in the game?

A8: No, the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition does not include any microtransactions.

Q9: How much does the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition cost?

A9: The game retails for $59.99 USD.

Q10: What is the minimum age rating for the PS4 Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition?

A10: The game's minimum age rating is M (Mature 17+), due to strong, realistic violence and blood.

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