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For hockey fans, NHL 17 on the PlayStation 4 is the ultimate hockey experience. From hard-hitting action on the ice to deep customization options in the suite of game modes, NHL17is the best from the franchise yet.

The revolutionary NHL17 provides an unmatched level of action and excitement on the ice. Players fight for every inch as they chase down their opponents and focus on the next goal. With the addition of Skill Stick controls, players have more control over their actions. The Precision Skating and Collision Physics allow players to protect the puck in scrums and unleash powerful check impacts on opponents. The all new Third Person Mode allows users to see more of the action, giving players new perspectives for their plays. Add to that the improved Artificial Intelligence players will face on the ice, who use better reads to make more timely defensive plays, and NHL 17 will provide one of the most exciting, challenging hockey experiences in video games.

The immersion into the game doesn't stop on the virtual ice however; NHL 17 offers a suite of game modes for fans to customize and explore. The all new Franchise Mode is NHL17's centerpiece mode, allowing players to take control of their favorite team in the ultimate test of NHL devotion. The expanded Draft Champions mode allows users to pick and choose from the best young stars in the NHL, while EASHL and Ultimate Team give players the chance to collaborate and customize their teams to reach victory. With deeper customization options and online support, NHL17has set the standard for sports video games.

The All-Star Visuals of NHL 17 truly set it apart from previous NHL games. Improved player models and masks provide detailed caricatures of the top players across the league, while the extremely detailed arenas look just like the real life arenas. Improved cable textures and crowd behaviors help set the tone for each game and Visual On-Ice Trainers form a more realistic hockey experience. Enhanced lighting and color saturation make NHL 17 one of the most realistic sports games on the market.

NHL 17is the ultimate hockey experience for sports fans. With revolutionary game play, deep customization options, and immersive visuals, NHL 17 is a must-play for hockey fans all over the world. Grab your PlayStation 4 and jump into the action. Let the slap shots and fights for the puck begin!

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:EA Sports
Released Date:13-Sep-14
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What system requirement does PS4 NHL 17 need to function?

A1: PS4 NHL 17 works with the PlayStation 4 console with version 4.55 or higher.

Q2: Does PS4 NHL 17 offer a career mode?

A2: Yes, PS4 NHL 17 offers a full personalised career mode.

Q3: Does PS4 NHL 17 include online multiplayer?

A3: Yes, PS4 NHL 17 includes an online multiplayer mode.

Q4: Does PS4 NHL 17 require an internet connection?

A4: No, PS4 NHL 17 does not require an internet connection to play single player modes or to access off-line features.

Q5: How many players does PS4 NHL 17 support?

A5: PS4 NHL 17 supports up to 12 players in online play.

Q6: What modes does PS4 NHL 17 offer?

A6: PS4 NHL 17 offers several game modes such as single player, online multiplayer, and a local multiplayer season mode.

Q7: Does PS4 NHL 17 offer realistic graphics?

A7: Yes, PS4 NHL 17 offers realistic graphics with high resolution textures and details.

Q8: Does PS4 NHL 17 feature commentary?

A8: Yes, PS4 NHL 17 features commentary from EA Sports' commentators including Ray Ferraro and Jim Hughson.

Q9: Does PS4 NHL 17 require additional accessories?

A9: No, PS4 NHL 17 does not require any additional accessories.

Q10: Does PS4 NHL 17 have exclusive features?

A10: Yes, PS4 NHL 17 offers a range of exclusive features including the all-new Draft Champions mode.

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