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The PlayStation 5 Alan Wake Remastered is a staggering new edition to the classicAlan Wake story. The original story of Alan Wake's fight against the mysterious darkness of Bright Falls is revitalized and improved in a way that captures the experience of classic horror games. With a fresh graphical face-lift, complete set of mind-bending puzzles and the integration of DualSense technology, the Alan Wake Remastered version is an absolute must-have for PlayStation 5 owners.

This all-new chapter of Alan Wake's supernatural thriller set in a sleepy town of Bright Falls, has become even more surreal and creative. As you take up the role of the main protagonist, you will surely be mesmerized by the new DualSense technology, which brings a level of tactile accuracy that will have you looking over your shoulder and covering your eyes in some enchanted moments. The atmosphere of suspense, dread and terror brought by the DualSense to the PS5 version of Alan Wake, take the adventure to a whole new level.

The remastered version also comes with major graphical upgrades that catapult the game into the modern era. The new lighting engine of the PS5 harnesses a realistic expression of the original feel of Bright Falls, with all of its eerie environment and motifs completely recovered and amplified. The stunning visual effects setting the perfect scene for this unnerving horror mystery and give the game an alluring, almost supernatural look that is sure to elude the more experienced gamers.

The pulse-racing action of the game also maintains its pace. The dynamics of combat is intensified to match the levels of this next-generation PlayStation gaming console. With its deadly puzzles, the puzzles of Alan Wake prove to be even more challenging than ever before. You must explore and interact with the environment, piece clues around Bright Falls and uncover hidden hints in order to find the answers that will help you solve the mystery.

Furthermore, the PS5 edition comes with all the classic bonuses and upgrades that all Alan Wake fans know and love. The classic soundtrack, an abundance of collectibles and compelling side stories, as well as the 'Nightmares' bonus mission, all come together to compose a gripping delivery of suspense and horror experience.

Hailed by the critics as a modern horror classic, Alan Wake Remastered for the PlayStation 5 is hands down one of the best titles the PS5 has to offer. With its improved performance, an even more sinister narrative, surreal micro-stories and a fantastic reimagining of the vivid Bright Falls town, this new version of Alan Wake promises an incredibly immersive gameplay experience. Get ready to delve deep into the realm of darkness and be prepared to face the harrowing secrets that lurk within its murky shadows.

Players Available

2 Players


English(American), English(UK)

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Epic Games Inc.
Released Date:05-Oct-21
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 16 and over
Playable on:PS5


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Alan Wake Remastered available on PS5?

Answer: Yes, Alan Wake Remastered is available on PlayStation 5.

Q2. Does Alan Wake Remastered support cross-generational play?

Answer: Yes, Alan Wake Remastered supports cross-generational play across the PS4 and PS5 platforms.

Q3. What features make Alan Wake Remastered unique on PS5?

Answer: Alan Wake Remastered on PS5 offers enhanced visuals, improved frame rate, and faster loading times. Additionally, the game now supports HDR lighting and higher resolution textures.

Q4. What additional content is included with Alan Wake Remastered on PS5?

Answer: The Alan Wake Collector's Edition on PS5 includes the base game and 'The Signal' and 'The Writer' downloadable content packs.

Q5. Does Alan Wake Remastered have new game modes?

Answer: Yes, Alan Wake Remastered for PS5 includes remixed fight sequences and a new Survival Mode, where players must fend off endless hordes of Taken thugs as they climb the leaderboards.

Q6. Is Alan Wake Remastered compatible with PSVR?

Answer: No, Alan Wake Remastered on PS5 does not support PlayStation VR.

Q7. Is Alan Wake Remastered backwards compatible on the PS4?

Answer: Yes, Alan Wake Remastered on PS5 is still backwards compatible with the PS4.

Q8. Are there exclusive rewards or in-game bonuses for pre-ordering Alan Wake Remastered?

Answer: Yes, players who pre-order Alan Wake Remastered will receive exclusive survival-based bonus missions that will test their combat skills and tactical abilities.

Q9. Does Alan Wake Remastered require a PS Plus membership to play online?

Answer: Yes, a PlayStation Plus membership is required to play online modes in Alan Wake Remastered.

Q10. Does Alan Wake Remastered support 4K resolution on the PS5?

Answer: Yes, Alan Wake Remastered supports 4K resolution and HDR lighting on the PlayStation 5.

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