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About The Game

The highly-anticipated sequel to the hit bank heist game Payday, PS4 Payday 2 is the ultimate in online shooter action. Taking place in a variety of different settings, Payday 2 brings cooperative crime-solving to the digital age. You and your squad work together to take on increasingly difficult and daring heists, unlocking unique skills and items as you progress. Whether you're a veteran Payday player or new to the series, this game offers a thrilling and intense experience that's sure to make you feel like a criminal mastermind.

The game features a stunningly detailed old-school art style, impressive graphics, and a wide variety of weapons and gear to choose from. You and your team of thieves plan and execute increasingly difficult and daring heists, with each mission offering unique objectives, obstacles, and rewards. As you progress, you'll unlock rewards and items to customize your players and give yourself an edge over the competition.

The controls on PS4 Payday 2 are incredibly intuitive, and the game offers plenty of tutorials and advice to make sure you're up to date with the latest tips and tricks. The four-player cooperative play mode allows you to pool your skills and resources and increase your chances of successful heists. Take your skills online too and play against other players in exciting heist match-ups. Wherever you play, Payday 2 has all the criminal prowess you need to stay one step ahead of the law.

If you thought the heists were intense already, the PS4 version of Payday 2 lets you customize your experience even further with downloadable content packs. Whether it's new heists, maps, weapons and gear, cosmetics, or more ' you can truly create the gaming world of your dreams. Plus, discover the exclusive content offered only to PlayStation Plus subscribers, including new missions, weapons, and more.

Whether you're an experienced criminal mastermind or a novice criminal wannabe, there's something for everyone in PS4 Payday 2. For the ultimate online shooter experience, gather your crew and prepare to take on the streets in this intense and thrilling game. With its thrilling story, unique take on criminal activity, and highly customisable experience, PS4 Payday 2 is sure to satisfy your criminal tech itch.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:505 Games
Released Date:12-Jun-15
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Payday 2 on PS4?

A1. Payday 2 is a co-operative shooter video game developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games. The game is the sequel to Payday: The Heist and was released in August 2013. It is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Q2. What is the gameplay of Payday 2?

A2. The game is an action-packed shooter and allows players to take on the role of a team of criminals who must complete various heists in order to earn money. Players can customize their crew and choose from different weapons and equipment to achieve their objectives.

Q3. Is there an online multiplayer mode for Payday 2?

A3. Yes, Payday 2 has online multiplayer mode for up to four players. Players can join with friends to complete heists and earn money together.

Q4. Is there a single player mode for Payday 2?

A4. Yes, Payday 2 has a single player campaign mode which is a series of missions for the player to complete. This mode can also be played with up to three other AI controlled team members.

Q5. Does Payday 2 offer any additional content?

A5. Yes, Payday 2 has a variety of downloadable content such as extra heists and extra characters. This content can be purchased from the PlayStation Store.

Q6. Is there an in-game currency system for Payday 2?

A6. Yes, Payday 2 has an in-game currency system called 'offshore money' which can be used to purchase upgrades, weapons and other equipment.

Q7. Is there a way to save progress in Payday 2?

A7. Yes, Payday 2 has an autosave feature so that progress can be saved and resume without having to replay mission.

Q8. How do you optimize PS4 Payday 2?

A8. You can optimize PS4 Payday 2 by changing the graphics settings to lower your frame rate but still render good visuals, or by enabling cross-play for better matchmaking.

Q9. Can I play Payday 2 with friends?

A9. Yes, you can play Payday 2 with your friends online as it supports online multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Q10. Is Payday 2 good for beginners?

A10. Yes, Payday 2 is a great game for beginners. It is easy to pick up and understand and provides a fun and immersive experience.

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