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Experience the highest rank of ice hockey thrill with EA Sports NHL 20 on PlayStation 4. For the first time in the franchise's acclaimed history, hockey skating and skill games come together for an immersive experience, allowing players to command the demise of rival players. With officially licensed teams from the National Hockey League and signature moves from some of the most renowned players, the action takes center stage in this ultimate ice hockey experience.

PlayStation 4 players can take command of their favorite teams and select players from over 900 options. Furthermore, NHL 20 allows up to 32 players to go head-to-head in a multitude of online matches, creating a unique challenge every time. Likewise, the Momentum Skating system allows you to master the flow of the game through realistic, physics-based skating controls.

However, NHL20 doesn't just provide edge-of-your-seat hockey matches. It also includes a revolutionary single-player career mode, Be a Pro. This mode allows gamers to be the star of their own story as they work their way up from an aspiring rookie to a legendary ice hockey icon. Along the way, players must make important life choices off the ice, as well as on. This is in addition to the new create-a-character feature, allowing customization and personalization to suit your style.

Outside of playing as an individual, NHL 20 also offers the unique ability to team up with friends and create or join online clubs. Rally your teammates and battle for glory in the all-new 4v4 hockey league. With one team playing offense and the other playing defense, NHL 20 offers strategies like never before with quick skating and fast thinking.

The NHL 20 experience wouldn't be complete without its Ultimate Team mode. In this online mode,you can build your ideal fantasy team of players and mascots from up to 85 packs. Additionally, you can earn rewards by completing solo or co-op objectives and build your team with chemistry for strategic lineup changes that make your opponents tweak in their skates.

Fans of the NHL franchise can immerse themselves in unrivaled realism with over 240 of the league's best moves integrated with the new signature shots feature. Combined with realistic physics and 3D-rendered arenas, EA Sports NHL 20 on PlayStation 4 is the most playfully intense experience you can find on the ice.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:EA Sports
Released Date:13-Sep-19
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 12 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the date of release for PS4 NHL 20?

A1. PS4 NHL 20 was released on September 13th, 2019.

Q2. What game modes are available on PS4 NHL 20?

A2. PS4 NHL 20 includes a variety of game modes such as Be A Pro mode, Franchise Mode, Draft Champions mode, and Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

Q3. Is there an online component to PS4 NHL 20?

A3. Yes, PS4 NHL 20 features online play with other players from around the world.

Q4. What are the minimum system requirements for PS4 NHL 20?

A4. The minimum system requirements for PS4 NHL 20 are an internet connection, at least a PlayStation 4 or higher, and 190MB of free space.

Q5. How much does PS4 NHL 20 cost?

A5. PS4 NHL 20 retails for $59.99 USD.

Q6. Can I play PS4 NHL 20 offline?

A6. Yes, PS4 NHL 20 can be played offline either by yourself or with friends.

Q7. Is there content exclusive to PlayStation 4 with PS4 NHL 20?

A7. Yes, there is content specific to PlayStation 4 that other platforms do not have, such as new uniforms and game modes.

Q8. Can I play against my friends online in PS4 NHL 20?

A8. Yes, with the online play feature of PS4 NHL 20 you can play against your friends from around the world.

Q9. How do I access exclusive content in PS4 NHL 20?

A9. You must complete certain objectives and challenges to receive exclusive content, such as special uniforms and extra game modes.

Q10. Does PS4 NHL 20 have any awards or accolades?

A10. Yes, PS4 NHL 20 has won numerous awards, including 'Best Sports Game' at the 2019 Australian Games Awards.

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