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PS4 A Way Out is an action-adventure game set for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console. Developed by Hazelight and its one-man mastermind Josef Fares, it is a narrative driven cooperative experience meant to be played with one friend - either online or locally with a split screen. A Way Out challenges gamers to coordinate and combine the skills of two distinct yet interlocked characters to escape from prison and navigate a dangerous, unpredictable world.

The key to A Way Out lies in its unique cooperative experience that is tailored to gamers who wish to play together. While there are game modes for single players as well, it is designed to be enjoyed by two people seated in the same room. Instead of approaching an adventure alone, players take control of two interlocked characters'Leo and Vincent'and must find their way out of prison together.

On Leo and Vincent's mission to free themselves, they must traverse the entirety of the three-act plot, experiencing moments of raw intensity that demand collaboration. Gamers must talk to each other in order to plan, strategize, and make decisions together. Each decision will affect the longevity of the character's relationship and within the world of A Way Out, and players must decide carefully.

If gamers wish to take their gameplay online, they will join each other's game through one simple Friend Pass; a Friend Pass allows one friend to join a game for free, then the second player can purchase the game for a discounted price. What's more, it is possible for one player to have the PS4, PC or Xbox version and the other to have the different version and still play together online.

What sets A Way Out apart from other action-adventure games is its vibrant, hyper-realistic graphical engine. It is powered by the Unity game engine which brings alive a living, breathing, world where players must make moral choices, experience intense gunfights and intense fistfights. The changing environments will be crucial to the story and will shape how Leo and Vincent make decisions.

The game also features a variety of mini-games throughout each act, including timed puzzles, stealth and more. For the more daring gamers, an optional adrenaline feature will amp up the intensity of certain scenes, forcing players to cooperate even more.

For fans of games that offer delved exploration and meaningful cooperative experiences, PS4 A Way Out is the perfect title. With an interesting story and moral choices, hours of replayability, a captivating soundtrack and an intense action-adventure experience, this game provides a unique look into how gamers can join forces and come out victorious. It's time to break out and immerse yourself in the world of Leo and Vincent.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:EA Swiss Sarl
Released Date:23-Aug-18
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign + Multiplayer + Co-Op
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is PS4 A Way Out?

A1. PS4 A Way Out is an action-adventure game developed by Hazelnix and published by Electronic Arts (EA) exclusively for PlayStation 4. It focuses on the story of two characters, Vincent and Leo, as they escape from prison and try to stay one step ahead of the law.

Q2. What genres does PS4 A Way Out belong to?

A2. PS4 A Way Out belongs to the adventure, action-adventure, and puzzle genres.

Q3. Is PS4 A Way Out compatible with PlayStation 5?

A3. No, PS4 A Way Out is not compatible with PlayStation 5 as it is an exclusive for PlayStation 4.

Q4. Is PS4 A Way Out multiplayer?

A4. Yes, PS4 A Way Out is a two-player co-op game designed for online or local play. Players can work together to complete objectives and make progress in the game.

Q5. Is PS4 A Way Out a story-driven game?

A5. Yes, PS4 A Way Out is a story-driven game. It is mostly focused on the story and tells the tale of two characters Vincent and Leo as they attempt to escape prison and stay one step ahead of the law.

Q6. Is there an online co-op mode for PS4 A Way Out?

A6. Yes, PS4 A Way Out offers an online co-op mode. It allows two players to join up online and take on the game together.

Q7. Is the graphics of PS4 A Way Out good?

A7. Yes, the graphics of PS4 A Way Out are highly polished and detailed. The game offers beautiful landscapes, realistic character designs, and detailed environments that make the game world rich and interesting.

Q8. Is there a single-player mode for PS4 A Way Out?

A8. Yes, players can try out the single-player mode of PS4 A Way Out. Though, it is not as engaging as the two-player co-op mode.

Q9. Is there a character customization option in PS4 A Way Out?

A9. No, there is no character customization option in PS4 A Way Out. Players will have to play with the pre-designed characters Vince and Leo.

Q10. Does PS4 A Way Out offer any kind of replayability?

A10. Yes, the game does offer replayability, especially when playing with a friend. There are some choices in the game that can change how the story progresses, giving players incentive to try out all the possibilities.

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