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PS4 Back 4 Blood

Introducing PS4 Back 4 Blood - the action packed, zombie apocalypse shooter from the developers of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead. Play solo or with up to four-player co-op and experience intense shootouts, hand-crafted levels and a dynamically changing game world. With an ever-changing enemy AI, destructible environments and an arsenal of fully upgradable weapons, this game combines the best elements of the shooter and survival horror genres and provides an adrenaline-filled adventure you won't want to miss out on.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you and your teammates will take on the role of 'Cleansers' ' a group of heroes sent to contain the Ridden ' the relentless zombie-like monsters that inhabit the world. Armed with a variety of powerful weapons and abilities, the Cleanser's must battle the overwhelming forces of the Ridden, while dealing with the ever-changing terrain and environmental hazards.

With the team-based Co-op experience, each player takes on a different role in order to survive. Whether you are the Assault, Trapper, Support or Medic, each of your unique contributions are essential in the fight against the undead. Take advantage of your class' special abilities such as the Assault's area-of-effect damage buff, the Trapper's powerful traps, the Support's strengthening barriers, and the Medic's restorative healing powers.

Choose from a variety of weapons, abilities and gadgets to customize your Cleanser's loadout to suit your playstyle. Upgrade your gear with a massive arsenal of weapon mods and special items, as you earn XP each time you level up. Experiment with weapon combinations such as situational weapons like electrically charged Katanas and a flamethrower to take on the undead, and upgrade your characters with special perks to give an extra edge during intense firefights.

Face a wide variety of enemy types from dogs, to Crawlers, to Tankers, and fight against smarter and deadlier adversaries than ever before. Tactics and strategy are essential to victory, as you take on enemies in ever-changing conditions. Navigate unpredictable terrain in randomly generated levels, complete missions to earn rewards, and play with your friends as you battle through the game's unique Story and Horde modes.

Put your skills to the test against other players in robust PvP modes, or unlock special cards and earn rewards. With a level of intensity like no other, PS4 Back 4 Blood provides a thrilling and intense experience you won't soon forget. Set out on an epic adventure and battle the hordes of the undead in PS4 Back 4 Blood.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Warner Bros. Games
Released Date:12-Oct-21
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the release date for PS4 Back 4 Blood?

A1. PS4 Back 4 Blood is expected to be released sometime in 2021.

Q2. Is PS4 Back 4 Blood available for pre-order?

A2. Yes, pre-orders for PS4 Back 4 Blood are already available at select retailers.

Q3. What platforms is PS4 Back 4 Blood available for?

A3. PS4 Back 4 Blood will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Q4. Is there a multiplayer mode for PS4 Back 4 Blood?

A4. Yes, PS4 Back 4 Blood features a multiplayer mode with up to eight players.

Q5. Does PS4 Back 4 Blood feature microtransactions?

A5. No, there are no microtransactions in PS4 Back 4 Blood.

Q6. What genres does PS4 Back 4 Blood belong to?

A6. PS4 Back 4 Blood is a co-op horror shooter video game.

Q7. What type of campaign does PS4 Back 4 Blood offer?

A7. PS4 Back 4 Blood offers a campaign with procedurally generated scenarios for each playthrough.

Q8. Are there any special editions of PS4 Back 4 Blood available?

A8. Yes, a Collector's Edition of PS4 Back 4 Blood is available that includes a physical copy of the game, art book, and soundtrack.

Q9. Does PS4 Back 4 Blood offer cross-play functionality?

A9. Yes, PS4 Back 4 Blood allows for cross-play across all console and PC platforms.

Q10. Is PS4 Back 4 Blood compatible with PlayStation VR?

A10. No, PS4 Back 4 Blood is not compatible with PlayStation VR.

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