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About The Game

PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro is the latest installment in the series of world-renowned Pro Evolution Soccer titles, bringing the iconic sport to your home. With enhanced AI, improved graphics and physics, and more ways to stay connected, this title is sure to be the most comprehensive sports experience for both novice and advanced gamers.

The game introduces an official license from UEFA, the governing body for European football. Choose your favorite team from over 50 countries competing in the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament in France and compete in over 50 different stadiums. Get ready to shape your strategy to take on Europe's best in online or offline Mode with the full list of authentic clubs, players, and stadiums.

PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro also features a new level of realism and detail, adding more life to the action on the pitch. For instance, player movement is now accurately re-created with an innovative real-time animation system that accurately reflects how each team is performing. Adding further realism, each player now has an individual character model with a unique running style and lifelike overall motion.

You can also now get a great first person view of the action, adding an element of player immersion. Gameplay is further enhanced with improved passing controls, more intuitive dribbling, and goalkeeper AI that's smarter than ever. You can step into the shoes of one of Europe's world renowned players, take control of a team and compete to become the ultimate champion.

Off the pitch, staying connected is now easier than ever. With the all new myClub Mode, you can create your own dream team by selecting players from a variety of clubs around the world and even hire your own manager or coach. then compete for premier league spots, cup competitions or even battles around the world ' all with your own club.

The latest version of PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro also adds greater accessibility with full multitouch support on the latest devices, an all-new dedicated tutorial tutorial system, extensive tips and hints, and a host of options for customizing difficulty and gameplay.

Overall, the PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro offers an amazing sports-simulating experience, with features, graphics and realism never before seen in the genre. With its official UEFA license, comprehensive team lineups, improved physics and character models, and unique play-style options, this title is sure to provide an exciting and immersive experience that's perfect for any sports fan.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Konami
Released Date:21-Apr-16
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro?

A1. PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro is a soccer game for the Sony PlayStation 4 that celebrates UEFA Euro 2016. It offers improved graphics, intricate gameplay, and realistic animations for a truly immersive experience.

Q2. How detailed is the gameplay?

A2. The gameplay of the PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro is incredibly detailed. It has full manual control over passing, shooting, and dribbling, and other functions like touch interception allow for a more realistic experience.

Q3. What new features are included in this version?

A3. This version has a variety of new features including a modern training system, interactive tutorials, and the fully re-designed Master League.

Q4. What teams can you play as?

A4. In PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro, you can choose from any of the 24 teams participating in the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

Q5. Is there a tournament mode for PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro?

A5. Yes, this version of the game includes a tournament mode where you can re-create the UEFA Euro 2016 contest.

Q6. How many players can play the game?

A6. You can play PS4 PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 UEFA Euro either by yourself or with up to 4 players.

Q7. Does the game support online game play?

A7. Yes, the game has an online mode that allows multiple players from around the world to play together.

Q8. Are there pre-match warm ups?

A8. Yes, you can set up a pre-match warm up in order to get your players in the best condition before the match.

Q9. How are player stats calculated?

A9. Player stats are calculated in all aspects from ball-control to acceleration and many more.

Q10. Does the game have team management options?

A10. The game includes team management options such as creating custom formations and giving players specific instructions during matches.

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