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PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17

PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 is the most complete cricket game ever made for the PlayStation 4. Developed by Big Ant Studios, the game features lifelike graphics, realistic physics, and a vast array of customisation options. You can create your very own player and team, compete in career mode, or take on the world in online competitions. Coupled with the new batting and bowling control system, this title is sure to provide an unrivaled level of realism and authenticity.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 will bring you on to the pitch like no other ever before. Enjoy the new lighting system, which will constantly adapt to the environment around you, and realistic physics that make it feel as close to the real thing as possible. With ultra detailed characters and realistic animation, every shot, dive and celebration will be as lifelike as can be.

What truly sets Don Bradman Cricket 17 apart from its predecessors is the depth and complexity of the customisation options. You'll be able to very accurately create any player you can imagine - with precise body mass indices and facial features, you truly have the ability to make any character. As well as customising your players, you can also create your own teams, customise badges and attire, and even create your own stadiums.

The game also features a comprehensive career mode, allowing you to start from the bottom and progress from local matches, to local leagues, to international tournaments. As you develop your skills in the game, your team and players will get better and better - allowing you to compete at the highest level. You can even create your very own dynasty, and take your team through over a hundred seasons of cricket.

Of course, the game also features comprehensive local and online multiplayer capabilities. You can challenge your friends to local matches, or even take on the world via online contests. Not only will you be able to compete with your friends from the comfort of your own home, but the game's new online tournament feature ensures your friends and rivals are always just a few clicks away.

PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 is the most comprehensive cricket game ever made for a console. From the lifelike graphics and physics, to the extensive customisation options, you'll be able to experience cricket as it was meant to be played. As well as playing in offline and online multiplayer contests, you can also develop your very own dynasty, create your dream team, and take your player from the bottom to the international stage. With PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17, you'll truly feel like a pro!

Players Available

2 Players


English(American), English(UK)

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Tru Blu Entertainment
Released Date:15-Dec-16
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17?

A1. PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 is a sports video game developed by Big Ant Studios for PlayStation 4. It is the sequel to Don Bradman Cricket 14 and was released in April 2017.

Q2. What are the features of PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17?

A2. PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 features all new realistic lighting, complete player customisation options, a new batting and bowling system, unique batting styles, fully licensed stadiums, and improved batting and bowling controls.

Q3. Is PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 an online multiplayer game?

A3. Yes, PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 is an online multiplayer game, where players can compete against each other in head-to-head matches.

Q4. Does PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 support 4K graphics?

A4. No. However, it does support 1080p resolution and HDR graphics.

Q5. What is the minimum age requirement to play PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17?

A5. The minimum age requirement to play PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 is 3 years old.

Q6. Can I play PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 with friends?

A6. Yes. PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 allows up to 8 players to play together in online or offline matches.

Q7. How many teams and players are available in PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17?

A7. PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 features over 150 licensed teams and more than 17,000 players.

Q8. Does PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 include tutorials?

A8. Yes, PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 includes tutorials that help players improve their batting, bowling, and fielding skills.

Q9. What input methods are supported in PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17?

A9. The game supports both keyboard & mouse and controller, depending on your preference.

Q10. How much does PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 cost?

A10. PS4 Don Bradman Cricket 17 retails for around $59.99 USD.

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