*Repaired Consoles

Repaired Consoles are the consoles which are perfectly working, but have been repaired earlier (Seal is not intact)

*Broken / Faulty Consoles

When Trading-in any broken, faulty console, it must contain all original parts.

You need not to include your controller, you can sell it separately, if its working properly

*Shipping Details

Once your selling order is placed, courier boy will pick up the console from your home within 24 hours

*Packing Instructions

If you have the original box you can easily use that one (if it is not damaged). If not, make sure you get a box according to the dimensions of the console.

Make sure the console is protected using either original inside protective packaging that comes with the console, lots of foam or lots of bubble wrap.

Put tape on the corners and edges to seal the box.

*Payment Details

It will take around 3 to 5 days for your console to reach us & payment is given 24 hours to 48 hours after delivery of your console

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