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About The Game

The newest installment of 2K Sports flagship basketball franchise, NBA 2K19, is here! With a host of new and improved features, as well as a variety of smaller adjustments and tweaks, NBA 2K19 is an exciting experience for basketball fans both new and old.

The most notable addition to the series is the return of The Neighborhood. An immersive open world experience, The Neighborhood combines visuals, gameplay, and atmosphere in a way never seen before in a sports game. With customizable avatars, a vibrant cityscape, and seamless transitions between play sessions, The Neighborhood could make NBA2K19 an experience to be savored and enjoyed for years to come.

The next major new feature is the MyCareer mode. This mode, based off of a real life NBA team, lets you create your own personalized basketball career. Create a custom MyPlayer, and then take to the court to actively compete against the computer or other human players. The game's single-player offering is bolstered by its concerted effort to raise the competitive bar. With improved movement, new animations, and enhanced AI, NBA2K19 is striving to be the most realistic and competitive basketball sim around.

With such a massive variety of features, it's no wonder that NBA2K19 is considered by many to be the definitive version of the hugely popular basketball simulator. With MyCareer, you can create a personalized basketball experience, and give your MyPlayer an edge over the competition. The Neighborhood gives you the option of exploring an amazing open world, giving you a break from the fast paced basketball action. Visuals and presentation have never felt more lifelike, and the game's progression structure makes sure that competitive games remain balanced and fair.

The physical and digital versions of NBA2K19 can both be found for the PS4 system. You'll be playing like the pros in no time when you experience MyCareer, and then return again to the immersive atmosphere of The Neighborhood. Both feature significant improvements and new content, and are sure to give young and old basketball fans something to keep coming back to. With its shiny new features, eye-popping visuals, and hugely generous offering of content, NBA2K19 is ready to earn its place as the GOAT of sports games once more.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:2K
Released Date:09-Nov-18
PSN required:Optional
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Sports
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What platforms can I play NBA 2K19 on?

A1: NBA 2K19 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Q2: Is there a season mode in NBA 2K19?

A2: Yes, NBA 2K19 has a season mode that allows players to manage their team through a full season of basketball.

Q3: How much does NBA 2K19 cost?

A3: NBA 2K19 can be purchased for $59.99 USD.

Q4: What new features has NBA 2K19 introduced?

A4: NBA 2K19 has introduced revised spacing and dribbling systems, a new Play Now Live feature, refined MyCareer options, and enhanced online play.

Q5: Is there a way to play with friends online in NBA 2K19?

A5: Yes, players can create or join an online game with friends in NBA 2K19.

Q6: Is there a practice mode available in NBA 2K19?

A6: Yes, there is a practice mode available in NBA 2K19 for players to hone their skills.

Q7: What kind of create-a-player features does NBA 2K19 offer?

A7: NBA 2K19 offers detailed create-a-player options, allowing players to create an avatar with an appearance of their own design.

Q8: Does NBA 2K19 feature new player control systems?

A8: Yes, NBA 2K19 has introduced revised spacing and dribbling systems to provide players with a more realistic experience.

Q9: Does NBA 2K19 require an internet connection?

A9: Yes, NBA 2K19 requires an internet connection to access online play and features.

Q10: Does NBA 2K19 feature new soundtracks?

A10: Yes, NBA 2K19 features over 30 licensed tracks, including tracks from some of the world's top hip-hop and rap artists.

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