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About The Game

PlayStation 4 Batman: Arkham VR immerses you into the iconic world of Gotham City with a rich, interwoven experience that blends both the classic franchise and virtual reality. Get ready to be the Batman in this virtual reality adventure designed to transport you into the world of Batman like never before.

Players will become Batman and explore the virtual reality version of the iconic Gotham City. With the power of the Playstation VR headset coupled with Playstation Move controllers, you'll be able to feel like the Dark Knight in ways never before thought possible. Use advanced forensic tools to piece together details of criminal activities that would otherwise go unseen, solve puzzles as you uncover secrets that will create new paths for you to explore, and of course, fight the criminals of this renowned city.

With a mixture of both in-game and cinematic visuals, Batman: Arkham VR not only looks incredibly detailed, but it also plays just as good as it looks. You will feel as though you are really in the iconic franchise, all while manoeuvring your way with the Playstation Move controllers, which offers an incredibly immersive experience. The Playstation Move controllers also enhance the fighting system, making you feel like a real vigilante and giving you the finesse to take out the foes of Gotham City in an entertaining and thrilling manner.

Explore this version of Gotham City in honest detail, moving between both the inside and outside of the city. You'll be able to investigate ruined buildings, abandoned basements, and travel through the Batcave, Wayne Manor, and Gotham City. Experience a journey that encourages you to explore this virtual reality realm, taking you on a heroic adventure through the various depths of Gotham City.

At its core, Batman: Arkham VR is a game for fans of the franchise and new interested players alike. With some core mechanics centred on the thrill of investigation and the power of being the Batman in virtual reality, there's no wrong way to experience Batman: Arkham VR. Get ready to explore the iconic city of Gotham and have a blast while you do.

Defend the city, solve riveting puzzles, uncover secrets, and explore the infamous Goham City through PlayStation 4 while dressed as the one and only Batman. Batman: Arkham VR is a thrilling virtual reality experience that no fan of the franchise should miss. With Playstation VR and Move controllers, you can truly feel powerful and in control of the world of Batman, like never before.

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Released Date:24-Jan-17
PSN required:No
PEGI Rating:Ages 18 and over
Internet Required:No
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Campaign
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is PS4 Batman Arkham VR?

A1. PS4 Batman Arkham VR is a virtual reality experience developed for PlayStation 4 by Rocksteady Studios. It allows you to become the Dark Knight and explore the world of Gotham City in first-person.

Q2. What type of controllers does PS4 Batman Arkham VR use?

A2. PS4 Batman Arkham VR is compatible with the PlayStation Move and Dual Shock 4 controllers.

Q3. Which PlayStation 4 models are compatible with PS4 Batman Arkham VR?

A3. PS4 Batman Arkham VR is compatible with all PlayStation 4 models.

Q4. Is PS4 Batman Arkham VR compatible with other PlayStation VR headsets?

A4. Yes, PS4 Batman Arkham VR is compatible with other PlayStation VR headsets.

Q5. Is there an age limit for playing PS4 Batman Arkham VR?

A5. Yes, PS4 Batman Arkham VR is rated for ages 12 and up.

Q6. What type of gameplay does PS4 Batman Arkham VR feature?

A6. PS4 Batman Arkham VR features a variety of puzzles and detective work for players to solve. It also has intense action sequences that take advantage of the virtual reality environment.

Q7. Does PS4 Batman Arkham VR have multiplayer features?

A7. No, PS4 Batman Arkham VR is a single-player experience.

Q8. How long is the PS4 Batman Arkham VR campaign?

A8. On average, it takes an experienced player about 5 hours to complete the PS4 Batman Arkham VR campaign.

Q9. Is there a soundtrack to PS4 Batman Arkham VR?

A9. Yes, the soundtrack to PS4 Batman Arkham VR consists of original compositions and music from the Batman Arkham game series.

Q10. Does PS4 Batman Arkham VR support Sony's online network features?

A10. Yes, PS4 Batman Arkham VR supports Sony's online network features, such as leaderboards and trophies.

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