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About The Game

Introducing the all-new PlayStation 4 Among Us Crewmate Edition, a console that puts fans of the popular party game right in the middle of the action. Featuring an exclusive controller design, custom built with dedicated Among Us inspired colors, and a skinned console and DualShock 4 wireless controller, this edition is the ultimate way to experience the game.

This special edition PS4 is designed for all fans of the acclaimed game. Become a part of the Among Us crew with a unique pink, blue, yellow, and black controller. Get an immersive experience and fight to clear your name as an innocent crewmate or a sneaky imposter, as the vibrant colors jump off the standard matte black housing.

The PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition also features a full-size HDD that's capable of storing plenty of your favorite titles and save files. It also gives you access to all your favorite content from PlayStation Store, such as exclusive downloads and Early Access releases. Get all the latest activity in your Friends List, create Parties, send Messages, and share screenshots and videos with Share Play.

This edition of the PlayStation 4 is a limited edition and comes with a digital code with full access to the original Among Us game, as well as a sleek custom skin to highlight your console while you're playing. The Digital Deluxe edition also includes among other digital bonuses like an exclusive character skin, in-game cosmetics, and a special pet.

The PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition is the perfect addition to any Among Us fan's setup. It provides the ultimate gaming experience with an exclusive controller, as well as access to all the latest content. From exclusive content and downloads to Share Play, this device has it all. So be sure to grab your own and get ready to join the Among Us crew!

Additional details

Brand Name:Sony
Published By:Innersloth LLC
Released Date:14-Dec-21
PSN required:Yes
PEGI Rating:Ages 3 and over
Internet Required:Yes
Country of Origin:Product sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one
Game Type:Multiplayer Only
Playable on:PS4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition?

A. The PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition is a party game developed by InnerSloth that allows online players to explore a virtual space station, performing tasks as a team while trying to identify a hidden imposter.

Q. How many players can play PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition?

A. The game supports up to 10 players in online multiplayer mode.

Q. What are the game rules in PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition?

A. The aim of the game is for the crewmates to complete all their tasks while working together to identify and eject the impostor. The impostor's mission is to sabotage the team and covertly eliminate them all before they can be found.

Q. What is the age rating of PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition?

A. The game is rated PEGI 7, meaning that it can be played by anyone aged seven and above.

Q. Is PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition available on other platforms?

A. Yes, the game is available on PC, iOS, and Android platforms.

Q. Is PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition free?

A. Yes, the game is free and can be accessed online via the PlayStation Store.

Q. What are the game features in PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition?

A. PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition features four game modes (Hide and Seek, Dual Imposter, Chaos, and Craftwars) and new maps and skins.

Q. Are there any in-game purchases available in PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition?

A. Yes, the game offers various in-game purchases including skins and pets.

Q. Does PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition offer cross-play functionality?

A. Yes, the game supports cross-play functionality allowing players from different platforms to play together.

Q. Does PS4 Among Us Crewmate Edition require an internet connection?

A. Yes, an internet connection is required to play the online multiplayer game.

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