Experience a military shooter set in a diverse & hostile open world that you can play solo or up to four-player co-op, LIVE THE LIFE OF A TRUE GHOST STRANDED BEHIND ENEMY LINESInjured, without support & hunted down, test your survival skills and fight back, FACE YOUR TOUGHEST ENEMIESWith your own play style, take down the Wolves, ex-brothers-in-arms gone rogue and their leader Cole D. Walker, ENJOY A TRUE SOCIAL EXPERIENCETeam up with your friends, and experience shared progression from the main campaign to PvP, Explore rich end-game content including four-player raids
Brand NameSony
Published ByUbisoft
Released Date04 Oct 2019
PSN requiredYes
PEGI RatingAges 18 and over
Internet RequiredYes
Country of OriginProduct sourced from Individual in India as a pre-owned one

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Game Play Hours

Main Story- 21 hours, Main + Extra - 46 hours