Who We Are?

About US

A small step towards a big problem:

Dacby is an Indian app based company with headquarters in Gurgaon whose goal is to build services for the growing gaming industry and come up with solutions for the gaming related issues that currently persist in the gaming market.

Majority of sales was done in a local environment meaning that people in a place majorly sell and buy games from the same place. This was the first challenge that we have very successfully tackled. DACBY is an app-based platform where people can choose from more than 200 different pre-owned games and order it directly to their home.

This now allows people to get access to games that they want to play in just a few clicks. DACBY platform also buys games from gamers, thus removing the hurdles of a buyer demand for people who have finished playing their game. We have been growing at a tremendous rate and we have set up a quality standard for the industry.

Upcoming Future

Our major focus is on digital games, the upcoming future. People have digital accounts with games in them. One of the biggest issues is that once a game has been bought and played, selling of the game is not possible, the whole account has to be sold. Again, here people generally buy accounts from trusted peers and there is no one platform which has been able to regulate and ensure a quality standard here in the digital account space.

This is the second challenge that we have resolved. In Dacby people can list their accounts on the platform. Before the listing is made public the accounts are checked and verified by the company. Once the accounts are verified the accounts are made open to the public. This has been an amazing relief to gamers as in the case of digital the chances of being cheated by the seller are high

Our Core Values

For a gamer we have been building a strong image of quality service, and a brand of trust. The company believes in taking small steps towards improvement of life of gamers will result in a big transformation of the gaming space in India. The company also wishes to be a consumer favorite by continuously innovating and solving issues that gamers face on a daily basis.


Three 1st year undergraduate students from Indian Institute of Technology IIT Jodhpur wanted to explore the world of business. After, brainstorming many ideas, finally settled on removing the problem of waiting at Institute’s canteen to enter into the world of business

Introduced an online menu booking and canteen food management system to solve the problem of waiting by the name zero wait dining

Due to Covid – 19 all canteens and institutes got closed all over India. But work on project continued in order to implement this after Covid is gone and canteen reopens

Since college was closed. Went to Bangalore to introduce this zero wait dining system to restaurants and launched it by the name DACBY (Dining at canteen by you)

After successful integration with 30 restaurants, 2nd wave of Covid hit back and the government closed all the dining services and DACBY was temporarily stopped.

Since zero wait dining was closed for an indefinite amount of time, we started renting our PS4 CDs and offering fruit bowls to nearby hospitals to generate side income to pay the rent. Renting PS4 CDs went on very well, generating more revenue then we used to do from Dining

Due to much greater response from games renting, we analysed the market and introduced DACBY gaming app for buying, selling and renting PS4 games on a large scale, and hence DACBY app was born.

Acquired 1000 users in a couple of months, successfully included XBOX, PS5 and PC digital games all with impressive response from customers

Crossed the benchmark of 6500 users and majorly shifted to marketplace for buying and selling digital games and accounts, with very good response

Crossed the benchmark of 12,000 users

DACBY continues to expand with keen focus on digital gaming marketplace